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Normal Labour and Birth: 9th International Research Conference

The Normal Labour and Birth – 9th International Research Conference will bring to the forefront the challenges facing the promotion of normal labour and birth, particularly in Brazil, a country struggling with epidemic rates of unnecessary caesarean sections, and the bridges we must build to ensure high quality women-centred care.

The 2014 Normal Labour and Birth Conference in Brazil will bring an innovation. Following the 9th International Research Conference in Armação dos Búzios city, the ‘Echoes of the Normal Labour and Birth – 9th International Research Conference – Normal is Natural: from research to action’  will be held in Rio de Janeiro and will receive a wider public estimated at 1500 people – health care professionals, birth activists, as well as users of health care.

Oct 2014
Oct 2014

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Armação dos Búzios
Rio de Janeiro -

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Hotel Ferradura, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil