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Ovarian Club IV

The Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the fourth meeting of the Ovarian Club, which will take place on November 15-16, 2014 in Paris, France. As the Ovarian Club did in its past meetings, the forum will spawn across all the facets of the ovarian function. But, in the tradition of the prior meetings, the new vintage of our Ovarian Club will also cherish its own dedicated interest of the year. Prior meeting zoomed in on the oocyte and the fertilization process in ways that were highly praised by the attendees. In 2014, the Ovarian Club will zero in on blastocyst formation and the factors that control and impact on implantation.

Blastocyst formation and implantation have indeed become the core center of converging interests on the synchrony – or lack of – between blastocyst development and the sequence of endometrial changes. Putting together worldly recognized clinicians and scientists that will together step-by-step dissect the processes governing blastocyst development and endometrial changes is key to finding new possible avenues leading to optimal implantation rates.

Nov 2014
Nov 2014

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61 quai de Grenelle

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Novotel Tour Eiffel Hotel, Paris, France