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Lancet rejects WHO allegations of INTERGROWTH-21 research misconduct

29-March-2017 Vol 389 February 11, 2017

In October the World Health Organisation made a serious allegation of plagiarism by thetwo lead researchers for the INTERGROWTH-21 study led by University of Oxford. Thecompeting WHO study has recently been published. The WHO report on which theallegation was based remains confidential, but has been seen by the Lancet, who havealso seen a more detailed report from the University of Oxford exonerating theresearchers. In an editorial on February 11th, Richard Horton and other Lancet journaleditors “found [the WHO report] disappointingly insubstantial" in comparison with theOxford report exonerating the researchers.

Kiserud Tet al. The WHO Fetal Growth Charts: a multinational longitudinal study ofultrasound biometric measurements and estimated fetal weight. PLoS Med 2017;published online Jan 24.



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Commentaries by Editor Prof. Jim Thornton